This is my escape -- sort of an adventure -- think of it as Martika in Wonderland. Anyways, take that first step. Yes, my darling, let's ponder. Xx


This is for all my poets,

all my beings that ponder in inadequecy

this is for you,

               and me

and  you…. and so many others

                                  that just can’t

find the right words to say,

                              and seem in an

utter silence and an immeasurable amount of stupid worry

to be just breathing….

this poem is…. 


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my nights are filled with,

warm cups of tea

with candle light

lit in essence of belief

and courage…

             it’s all going to be okay…

   my bub,
i crave for the day you
are born.
                  can’t wait to
feel your precious essence. 
—Mevans (mummy)


   my bub,

i crave for the day you

are born.

                  can’t wait to

feel your precious essence. 

—Mevans (mummy)

Discovering sex was like discovering writing. It was powerful in a way couldn’t explain. Like writing, you had to go beyond the guilt and shame to get to anything good. Like writing, it could take you to deep and mysterious subterranean levels. With each new depth I found out things about myself I didn’t know I knew. And, like writing, for a slip of a moment it could be spiritual, the cosmos pivoting on a pin, could empty and fill you all at once like a Ganges, a Piazzolla tango, a tulip bending in the wind. I was no one, I was nothing, and I was everything in the universe little and large—twig, cloud, sky. How had this incredible energy been denied me!

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I can’t wait to meet you

baby boy.

           no words could be phrased

better than

                       to simply skip to point.

You are my world and i love you.


you know

spirit is mending when you

cant find song that pleases the soul….


i’m sorry,

but you have taken

a part of my spirit

that lit with dignity



here i


here in this room,

I can only sit with myself,

hoping that another day

within my head,

                                             that another day…

within my soul

                         will ease

and eventually lead me to a strength of

                        self discovery    that

 only I

                             will be able to feel

        but as for now.

i just breathe.

I grabbed her by the throat but I didn’t choke her. Just kissed her so deep she forgot whose air she was breathing.

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You were

my devious act…

oh night,

i remember how i succumbed to you

without a dear thought…

    we stripped down,

and let our bodies 

float, until i found my legs,

around your waist….


     that night, i dared to please 

nothing but the moon.

                                       i miss those days of waste-less wonder.