Spoken Sensuality

This is my escape -- sort of an adventure -- think of it as Martika in Wonderland. Anyways, take that first step. Yes, my darling, let's ponder. Xx

We’re all artisically spoken,
Some realsing our words into
Puddles of tears,
While another into a heart throbbing note of pain….
We’re all artisically spoken,
Leaving our words
Behind without second thought
For one to be artisically spoken
Leaves us all
Artisically sound.
Loud. nor. silent
But at one tone
Of understandment.

I matter so much
That each
Letter of hate
Dispersed my meer
Of matter ….

Have you ever wanted to make love to a soul so badly that your bodies almost felt in the way?

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I am yearning
Of sweet desire
For he
To moan
Of pleasure into the
Mist of my neck
As his hands trace the arch of my back.
Feeding. Him. With. Femine sounds
That dance in the essence of his soul leading him as he pursues to soothe me with every stroke and dangerously entangling his strong firm hands
through the locks of my hair…
Sending shivers pulsing through my body…
Reminding me
What it was like when
I desired for him to
Enter me for the first time
time. ago.

Without haste
She moved
Amongst the trees.

Without haste
She moved
Amongst the trees.


I wanted to
To smother
With their own hate.
Force their
Fucking mouth shut
Until they choke
On the bullshit
Theyve been feeding
the rest of us

For days on end
Weve had to with hold the bitter
Taste in our mouths
That they call justice…
But sometimes enoughs


Think my blog might become a journal in the last months of this pregnancy and fluster in our lives…


"If only I could drink his milky white skin…" mevans

You never know how strong you are until life truly tests you…

I love you already….

I love you already….

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